Are you new to Snapchat and want to know about something you heard from its features? Are you interested to know about the terms that you heard from your friends called Snapchat Scores? Do you want to compete with your friend’s score and understand the practical tips that can help you have that? Do not worry, and hold on for a second. Oh my god! There are too many questions in your head. Sigh! But, you know what? All your questions require some tips that can help you attain your goal.

You may be so passionate and curious to know how you can increase your Snapchat score and have a higher score for your profile. We understand your passion, and we know what you want. Here in this article, we have put in our efforts to elaborate on all those tips and ways that can help you have your desired increase in your score.If you want to get more tips then visit this link :

Increase Snapchat Score

If you are at that level in your research where you have installed Snapchat for the first time or are a sometimes user of the app, you may not know what the Snapchat Score is. You may have heard this term from your sibling or some friends. And this may have developed your interest to know what it is and how you can increase it. So, before talking about how to raise it, let’s look at what the Snapchat Score is?

Snapchat score is the number that you can see on Snapchat profiles of people below their username. It is the score that increases with the snaps that you send someone on Snapchat. You can say that it is one of the ways to represent your activity on Snapchat and how often you are active on the app.

Importance of Increasing Score

We have already discussed that what Snapchat Score represents and means. We hope that you would have an idea that it is not that significant for your account. It does not have any importance for your account or anything else. But, it is a fun-like game that you can play for your pleasure and your happiness.

Most of the time, people try to compete with other’s scores. In friends, it can be a betting game to test that scores faster. You can also set this type of competition with your friends or siblings for your enjoyment.

Can You Increase It Fast By Yourself?

You may also have the above question in your mind. We are telling you that Yes! You can increase it fast. Most people also think that it may be just because it represents that you have been using the app for quite along. They also assume that you can not increase it by yourself. But, this is not all that can justify its increase. There are certain things that their software looks up to for awarding you the scores. If you do them regularly, you can increase your score fast on your own.

What to Do To Increase The Score At A Higher Pace?

Many Snapchat users and lovers of this app ask us that what they should do to increase their score at a higher pace. As we have mentioned, there are some things that you need to do for this purpose. Do not worry about finding and searching for all those things. We knew that you will need this that’s why we have done all the research for you in this regard to provide you with the best guidance. Here, we have listed ten best and easy tips that do not require most of your time or effort and are still effective in increasing your score.

1. Open Your Snapchat Score

The first thing that you should do for knowing where you stand is that open your Snapchat account and look for your Score there. For this, go to your profile and look at the right side of your username. There will be a number written that will be your score. It will help you to analyze your position.

2. Shut It Down

When you are not using the app much, shut it down for some time. We know and understand that it will be weird to read that and you will be like WHAT? But, believe us that it will work for your increase in the score. When you will come back, the app will welcome you by giving you bonus scores that will help you gain it fast.

3. Take More Snaps

If you do not take many snaps from the app, we will suggest you increase your activity by taking more snaps from Snapchat.

4. Open Your Unopened Snaps

We understand that sometimes, you do not dare to open those more than 50 snaps that your friend has sent your way, and you know there will be only one or two snaps that will be bearable for you to view. But, even in that case, we suggest you open up the unopened snaps to increase your score.

5. Send Your Pictures to Different Celebrities

You can boost your score by sending your pictures to different celebrities.

6. Post Your Snaps on Your Story

If you will post your snap on your story, you will have points for that. You can increase your scores by adding more snaps to stories.

7. Send Your Snaps to Your Friends

Send many snaps frequently to your friends to raise your scores.

8. Add New Friends to Your List

Add more friends on Snapchat to have many people in your circle. You will have more people to send your snaps to them.

9. Do Not Trust Score Increasing Hacks

If someone tells you about some hacks, do not trust them as they can cause issues for your privacy.

10. Have Some Patience

Adding up scores on your profile takes some time. Have patience in this regard.


We hope that these ten tips will prove effective for increasing your scores on Snapchat. Follow them and have your desired number as your SC score.